At Buck or Two Plus! our Support Team is a group of highly experienced and dedicated retail experts here to ensure every Franchisee’s success.  Our Team of experts is able to share training, merchandising and industry best practices quickly and efficiently with Franchisees.  This Team is here for one purpose: To ensure the success of each and every Franchisee.

Education / Training

We understand knowledge is  very important in the retail industry and we have an all inclusive training package  that brings all the components of operating a successful retail business into  one easily understood program.  Once the  program is completed, our Support Team will visit your store for continuous personalized training.

Product Ordering

Over the years we have developed an exclusive ordering system that maximizes product assortment as well as pre-negotiated pricing exclusive to our channel. Below is a list of programs within our system to enhance your ability to maximize your Return on Investment (“ROI”).

  • Dedicated  product ordering system
  • Preferred  Supplier Program
  • Vendor  agreements
  • Buying  shows
  • Group  discounts and rebates
  • Merchandising Support Team


Over the years, Buck or Two Plus! has become one of Canada’s most recognizable brands.  Our marketing experts are committed to the on-going support and building of the brand in the mind of the consumer, so that our network of stores is top of mind each and every day.  By doing so, we will continue to build brand equity for each of our Franchisees to maximize their ROI.  Listed below are marketing programs in place to support the business:

  • In-Store  signage
  • Weekly  strategic marketing program
  • Strategic  planning and industry insight
  • Annual  marketing program

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