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Buck or Two Plus! stores offer an exciting retail opportunity for your rental space.

We’re always interested in learning about new Canadian real estate opportunities.

Buck or Two Plus! stores vary in size from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet approximately, and fit perfectly into a variety of locations, including strip malls, neighbourhood centres, mixed-use complexes, main streets, enclosed malls, and free-standing structures. We welcome opportunities in both urban and suburban settings.

Our stores are the ideal compliment to grocery stores, department stores, drug stores, as well as other service-related retailers who exhibit high visit frequency customer profiles.

When evaluating a potential new store location, we look for areas that meet the below criteria.

Highly visible in a convenient location

Easily accessible

Preferred store frontage width of 40’

Rear receiving door with paved delivery area

Ample parking and/or accessible by transit

Buck or Two Plus! stores are so popular with landlords that some have become franchisees themselves!

If you have a location that would be a perfect fit for Buck or Two Plus!, contact us today at You’ll love what our stores will bring you!

Download our Buck or Two Plus! franchisee package and see if a Buck or Two Plus! franchise is a fit for you.

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